Alchemist Destroyer Vanquisher
Arcane Berserker Marksman
Lore Titan Rogue
Battle Spectral Arbiter

Niveau requis Compétence Symbole Description
1 Slash Attack Slashes all foes in front of you with all equipped weapons.

1 Dual Wielding Improves damage of all weapons when dual-wielding.
  • Passif
5 Stampede A brutal forward dash that damages all foes in its path

10 Adventurer Improves the potency of potions, increases the rate of Experience and Fame gain, and reduces resurrection penalties.
  • Passif
10 Offensive Spell Mastery Increases the level of all Offensive Magic spells. Spells can be found or bought, and fall under the Spells tab in your inventory.
  • Passif
15 Chain Vortex Phantasmal chains stun nearby foes
20 Spectral Echo While active, attacks cause a spectral echo to attack foes beyond their normal range, dealing 30% of the weapon's DPS.

20 Critical Strikes Increases the chance and improves the damage of all critical strikes.
  • Passif
25 Treasure Hunter Increases the chance to find magic items, and the potency of enchantments. Treasure Hunters also find more gold.
  • Passif
25 Devastate You rush forward in a flurry of powerful attacks using all equipped melee weapons. Movement is toward the cursor, draining mana as you go.

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